Carefully When Choosing Bed Sheets, Ticks Have Color Favorite

A study revealed that bed bugs have a favorite color. Researchers say humans can use this to eradicate it. If you live in Dallas, TX, you need a bed bug exterminator Dallas to make sure there are no bed bugs in your home.

This bloodsucking insect likes black and red but doesn’t like yellow and green. This information will make it easier to attract attention and catch these insects.

You see, bed bugs are very small and happy to be near their food, your blood. They can hide in the mattress lining or in the connection of the mattress frame. They usually prefer fabric and wood over plastic and iron.
The researchers placed bed bugs on plates of different colors made of cards. These bed bugs do not choose colors randomly, they prefer red and black.

After the study, the researchers had another suspicion, the main reason bed bugs chose red was that their body color was also red. So they chose the red plate because they wanted to gather with other lice.