Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing is one of the business models that you can make as a source of income from the internet. The concept is simple, if you join an Affiliate Marketing program at an agency, then you will be given an Affiliate Link that will be your means to promote your website Learning affiliate marketing for beginners is also not difficult to do as long as there is a desire to learn and be consistent. Here is some information for beginners.

Types of Affiliate Marketing
Pay per click, this type leads to an internet advertising business. The number of clicks from internet users through Affiliate Link will affect how much commission you will get.

Pay per lead, this type is one example of business opportunities using small capital. Pay per lead can be interpreted as a pay per getting member so that if there are internet users who register against buying and selling websites based on referrals from Affiliate Links, you will get a commission.

Pay per sale, while for this type of commission will be given to you if there are internet users who make transactions or purchases through Affiliate Link. Examples of pay per sale web merchants are,,,

For commissions from web merchants, the commission range is usually around 3% -7% of the price per customer transaction.

How to Join an Affiliate with a Small Capital
If you are interested in getting into this business then several steps must be done:

The first step, understanding and understanding what Affiliate Marketing is, how it works.

The second step is to prepare non-material and material capital. Non-material capital can be in the form of determination, enthusiasm and motivation. While material capital can be in the form of money to build a site for yourself.

The third step, if you already have a website or website then fill your website with reviews of products to sell or promote. For example, if your product is a book, then fill your website with reviews of the products you will sell.

The fourth step, become Affiliate Marketers from a company that provides Affiliate cooperation.

The fifth step, do marketing through Affiliate Links (web, social networks, forums, blogs, and so on).

Affiliate Success Tips by Using Small Capital
Using a small capital in starting a business does not mean you will get a small income as well. The most important success tips in running an Affiliate business is by doing promotions in all directions and building a large network.